ngn's array-language jokes

# why is apl's comma bar () called "table"?

because when a comma walks into a bar, it asks for a table

# how to compliment a dyalog evangelist?

"your duckspeak is double-plus good!"

# after A+,K,Q,J what will arthur whitney work on next?


# how do apl,j,k see each other?

# best way to explain prototypes?

A man walks into a shop and asks, "You wouldn't happen to have any fish, would you?". The shop assistant replies, "You've got it wrong – ours is a butcher's shop. We don't have any meat. You're looking for the fish shop across the road. There they don't have any fish!" -W

# best quote about k?

"" --arthur whitney

# how many aplers does it take to change a lightbulb?

none. { }¨0⍴ will do it.